Administrative Services for Qualified Retirement Plans

The Retirement Team provides consulting and administrative services for Employers who sponsor 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans, money purchase plans, and defined benefit plans, including cash balance plans.

Experienced Consulting for Worry-Free Plan Design and Operation

Employers need objective and credentialed consultants to identify and assess problems, and implement cost-effective solutions. The Retirement Team has 48 years of combined experience, providing Employers with unbiased assistance on their unique, complex retirement plan issues.

Transparent Fee Arrangements

Since its inception in 2004, The Retirement Team has embraced full disclosure of fees. If you have had some challenges deciphering your service providers’ fee disclosures, we understand your frustration. Our clients prefer our clear fee arrangements.

A Secure Website Saving You Time, Money, and Worry

Confidential information, documents, and communications between you and The Retirement Team are transmitted securely through our website. It’s easier, less expensive, and more secure than conventional methods.